Aug 182011
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Pneumatico RFM Cufflinks


Sterling Silver and Real Ferrari Metal Cufflinks handmade by skilled craftsmen.

No car is complete without a winning set of tyres and one of the greatest classic tyre names in the world is Dunlop. The enduring partnership they had with racers such as Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche and Jaguar saw countless wins including Le Mans victories in the golden days of British motor racing.

This set of precious metal cufflinks is certainly for the man who appreciates perfection – the intricate tread detail reflects the quality craftsmanship of this item.

Complete the look with a Pneumatico key fob and silver lapel pin.

item code: RFC6A


  • Hand-crafted using Real Ferrari Metal and sterling silver
  • 18mm length x 14mm width x 2mm depth, excluding back mechanism
  • Unique GTO London back mechanism
  • GTO London logo featured on reverse
  • Presented in GTO London’s elegant packaging


Pnuematico RFM Silver Cufflinks

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