Jul 112012
Bluebird Centenary Cufflinks


The Campbell family has been breaking speed records on land and water for the past 100 years in unmistakable, iconic blue machines. The family celebrated in style at a celebratory event at the Royal Haymarket Theatre.

The event provided an opportunity to toast Bluebird’s fruitful future, while celebrating the staggering records set by the determined family, which include both incredible land and water achievements.

To celebrate 100 years of record breaking, we’ve created a limited run ‘Bluebird Lapel Pin’, which echoes the celebrated image of Bluebird. A precise reproduction of the aerodynamic wheel design of the 1930s Bluebird, each is hand-crafted in the finest, hallmarked sterling silver, finished with a black rhodium plated ‘tyre’ and deep blue iolite stone wheel centres. They have been developed with the Campbell family and carry their official approval. It’s truly a beautiful addition to your garment.