Jul 112012
250 GTO Anniversary


2012 marks a very important year for one of the most iconic cars ever produced. The most sought after car, the Ferrari 250 GTO, turns 50.

Since our first year of producing gentlemen’s accessories, the 250 GTO has been a source of inspiration, with the car’s design and appeal reflected throughout our product range in lines such as Accensione and Volante, not to mention our remarkable 250 GTO wallet.

One of the aspects which increases the desirability of the 250 GTO is its exclusivity. Only 39 examples were ever made and many of those differed in specification, size and design. This is a concept we’re beginning to replicate with our new Exclusive Service, available to the public and also as a corporate service.

Happy birthday Ferrari 250 GTO!

(Image: Five Ferrari 250 GTOs in the GTO Engineering courtyard.)

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